GB Ropers Picasso

A striking colt out of Oakleigh CD by Brawgarn Mr Roper, great markings and excellent conformation, this boy is definite stallion material, he is homozygous black, agouti neg and are awaiting the tobiano test born 21.11.12 Yahoo PK is homozygous tobiano as well.

GB Hot Chilli Pepper

Stunning Filly out of Little Rocks Pepper by Brawgarn Mr Roper, this little girl is so sweet, very refined features born 22/11/12 She carries one copy of the tobiano gene and have sent hair away to see if she carries overo as dam is overo pos, will also test for black gene and we know she is agouti neg as both dam and sire are neg. Chilli is Overo Neg and homozygous Black couldn't be happier.

GB Ropers Little Ripper

GB Ropers Little Ripper aka Scooter, Stunning Black and White Colt by Brawgarn Mr Roper out of Greenbanks Peekaminki This beautiful colt has an inquisitive nature, super friendly comes straight up to you. Will mature approx 15hh as both his dam and sire are 15 hh  He is homozygous for the tobiano gene and is a true black  Ee aa He will be registered with PHAA and will have basic handling. Scooter will be for sale.

GB Sweet Miss Manuka

GB Sweet Miss Manuka :  A beautiful black and white filly out of Princess Pocohoney by Brawgarn Mr Roper 

Mooky has such a sweet nature, should mature 15+ hh will be registered with the PHAA and have basic handling prior to weaning. Awaiting DNA testing for the tobiano gene but we know she is Ee aa as from her parents tests Hair test has come back she is hetrozygous tobiano (carries 1 tobiano gene).

She will be for sale.

Shes All Aces

Born 9.10.12 Black and White Tobiano filly, Cricket has the sweetest nature, lovely long legs and a pretty head, she has 2 half blue moons in the front of her dark eyes, She should mature 15+ hh, She will be paint registered and be taught to lead tie up pick up feet ect..  Expressions of interest welcome Tests for Cricket have come back she is Homozygous Tobiano, Homozygous Black and agouti neg TT EE aa couldn't be happier. Cricket has been SOLD.